Busolwe Public Library (BPL) was founded by the Lunyole Language Association (LLA) in 1996.  BPL is the sole public library serving the Butaleja District in Eastern Uganda.  As a member of theUganda Community Libraries Association (UgCLA), BPL aims to improve the district's reading culture in English and its local language, Lunyole, in order to increase the community's literacy rates.

The BPL Board has eight members including one of the original founders, Mr. Hirome Gershom. Ms. Alungho Rose, the head librarian, oversees the library which is open Monday through Saturday, 9am to 5pm. 

Surrounded by eight primary schools and seven secondary schools, BPL is frequented mostly by students and children in the neighbourhood who benefit from academic materials and storybooks in the library's collection. Faculty members and elders in the community also borrow academic resources for research, storybooks, class materials, and more. 

As BPL expands its collection and facilities, it aims to continue having a positive impact on the community.


Our Services

Books - To date, the BPL has accrued over 2500 books in its stock. Users of the library can enjoy books in: African Studies, Classics, Commerce, Education, English, English Storybooks, Fiction, General Information, Government Documents, Health Studies, Literature, Lunyole Books, Magazines, Mathematics, Non-Fiction, Political Science, Primary English, Primary Science, Primary Social Studies, References, Religious Studies, Science, Social Studies, and Ugandan Storybooks (in Lunyole and English).

Computers - The BPL also has two computers that may be used by patrons. Since 2013, internet has been available for a small cost to users. This is the only `publicly available internet in Butaleja.

Newspaper – From Monday to Saturday BPL receives the New Vision newspaper. This paper is available for use in the library, free of July. New vision newspapers since early 2015 are kept as reference material and are also available to read.

Copying and Scanning – Copying and scanning services are available for a small fee. Please note: if the librarian is running another program you may be asked to wait a short time before your documents are attended to. To avoid this conflict you may look at the event schedule posted in the library or ask our head library when she will be occupied.


BPL would like to thank A Little Bit of Hope (Uganda) for its ongoing support to the library and its programs.

" A Little Bit of Hope is a community organization trying to bring hope to the Butaleja community by enabling people to overcome the hurdles that prevent them reaching their full potential." The BPL has partnered with employees and volunteers at A Little Bit of Hope to pioneer some projects in Busolwe such as Straight Talk Club - Butaleja District.

To learn more visit their website at: http://alittlebitofhope.org/