Current Library Programs

Straight Talk Club - Butaleja District

Straight Talk is a student and youth driven program, which was established on May 17th, 2012. It aims at empowering students/youth to eradicate challenges such as: high school drop out rate, unemployment, gender inequalities, poor nutrition and health, low self-esteem, idleness etc.. This objective is accomplished through peer-led open discussions, leadership training, career training, health sensitization workshops and charity work in the community. 


In January 2013, BPL started the LitClub program which aims to develop reading, writing, and communication skills amongst primary students. BPL currently has one LitClub which has more than 20 students from the neighbouring Mango Grove Primary school. During each LitClub session,students participate in songs, games, read aloud sessions, and writing activities in a fun and active setting. BPL hopes to expand LitClubs to more primary schools in the Busolwe community and plans to work closely with primary school teachers to  achieve this goal in the future.

School Activities

Spelling Bee and debates are run each semester with students from the community. Activities include: within- and between-school debates, spelling bees, subject quizzes and word games.


African Storybook Project (ASP)

BPL has partnered with ASP to create reading and educational materials in both English and Lunyole. See our partners for information.

IT Training

BPL is the sole library offering computer and internet access in all of Butaleja District. To learn how to use properly use them, twice a year during school breaks, the library offers training sessions. These sessions are available to anyone in the community and are free of charge. Once registration is open, individuals are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis until the classes have reachedcapacity. 

BPL Expansion Project

BPL is currently located in a tiny, two room building rented from the Lunyole Language Association. Because BPL has grown significantly since its beginning, this space is now too small. For this reason, BPL is currently seeking grants to begin the first phase of a long term expansion project. The first phase of expansion includes the construction of a new ground floor on the 50x100' plot of land purchased with a generous grant from Douglas College. The ground floor will include a children's room, silent study space, meeting area, computer space, and bookshelves. In the long-term, BPL would like to add an additional story. 

If you are interested in assisting with the BPL expansion project, please see our contact information

Past Library Programs

Health Camp

In 2014, in partnership with eifl and UgCLA, BPL hosted a Health Camp.20 students attended from 10 different schools attended the program; 1 male and 1 female student were chosen as representatives from each school. During the camp, students were educated about the risks and prevention of HIV/AIDS. The camp was facilitated by a nurse, a teacher and IT trainer. The IT trainer was there to instruct students on how to research health issues on the computer. So far, this camp has only been held one time but with the acquisition of funds in the future it is hoped that this will become an annual event.


On March 17th 2016, BPL was thrilled to have participated in DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) day. DEAR day was an event organized with the aim of promoting reading culture and instilling a love of reading. DEAR day was organized in 8 different locations. Over 1000 students, teachers and community members attended. The library brought many reading materials including: newspapers, magazines, health novels, Lunyole dictionaries and storybooks. These materials were made available for all to use during their allocated reading time. During the event, one of the parents who attended commented “’e-e-e’ I did not know that one could read in Lunyole fluently”.

Women's Groups

In 2009, BPL successfully started what is now the Busolwe Women's Co-op group. The group involves women in the community looking to gain skills or give back. The Women's Group has championed self-efficacy among women in the community, encouraging women to take greater leadership roles in domestic and public settings. In the past, women worked on their English, computer literacy, and gained knowledge on First Aid from medical students at the hospital. Many women have used the skills they've gained at the library to take on leadership roles in the community or get employed; one woman in particular used the English she learned to obtain a position at the Busolwe Town Council. Since the development of the group, BPL has partnered with two more women's group. See Our Partners for more information.

Reading Club Project

From 2008 - 2014 BPL ran a program called Reading Club . Through workshops the librarian, library scholars, and volunteers, the library paired secondary schools in Busolwe to participate in friendly competitions. Reading Club activities include Debate, Subject Quiz, Drama, Speech, and Writing Contests. Motivated students come forward to represent their schools in each activity, and prepare for the competitions with library staff. They read both academic and other resources, discuss critical issues amongst peers, and strive to improve their own leadership skills.

Although it started with only two high schools, Reading Club eventuallyexpanded to include competitions between six local secondary schools. Certificates were awarded to the winners of the competitions - to schools and the individuals who perform best in writing.

Storytime with Mugulu Integrated Primary School

Story Time Project

To instill a fascination for storybooks and an appreciation for language in print, BPL partnered with three primary schools to run story time classes for P3 and P4 students.  By reading out loud in both English and Lunyole , teachers expose students to book handling, improving their reading comprehension and pronunciation. BPL partnered with the district Center Coordinating Tutor (CCT), the districts authority in teacher training, to follow up these classes and to implement it across a larger network of schools.  BPL provided partner schools with books to be used in the story time class as well as assistance and support from the former librarian, Ivan, who is also a trained teacher.

eifl Grant and Health Project 

eifl awarded BPL with a grant to begin a Health Project which provided reliable and accessible health information to the community. Through this grant, BPL was able to purchase computers and solar panels. These computers were made available free of charge for the public to come and research health related questions. This helped further BPL's goal of improving access to accurate health resources through the use of books, internet and connections to local health care workers.

Ohusomesa Omuhaana Project

On July 3, 2010 three UBC student volunteers hosted a Girls Day at Busolwe Public Library. The goal of this day was for the girls, their brothers, sisters and friends to create beautiful, unique artwork that was then brought back to Canada and transformed into greeting cards. The cards were complete and available for purchase. All of the proceeds for the sales of the cards went to sending one of these bright young ladies to school, who without the OHOP scholarship would be unable to attend further schooling.