Butaleja District is the home of the Banyole people, who speak the vernacular language called Lunyole. Like many other communities in the region, the Banyole is a subgroup of the Bantu family. The estimated population in the entire district is approximately 250,000. BPL hopes to reach out and improve the reading culture among the entire population through its many projects and initiatives.  

Butaleja is mainly agricultural -- most families practice subsistence farming, and cash crops such as rice and cotton are planted throughout the district. Since the implementation of Universal Primary and Secondary Education (UPE & USE) in 1997, most children in Butaleja are able to attend either government or private schools. However, the inconsistent quality of education, large class sizes as well as the high drop out rate of students are some of the greatest challenge faced by the community. The lack of hired teachers and inadequate facilities have led to the promotion of informal means of education. BPL aims to play a significant role in boosting the love for reading and learning both inside and outside of the school.

 A session of LitClub, giving the kids a chance to read, play games, sing, and have fun while learning.